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What We Offer

Mobile App Development

We mostly build mobile applications with Android, iOS, Mobile games, ETC.

Windows Compatible Softwares

C# Based Applications
.Net Framworks

Web Development

Web Based Applications built from PHP, ASP.NET, Javascript,  ETC.

You Are Important

We do our best to comply to our clients needs, We even do it better as suggested. Our knowledge with multiple programming language will definitely allow us to finish the task in the scheduled turn around time

Free Products


Wireless Scanner Version 5.0

Wireless Scanner allows the use of most bar code scanners to input data directly into a remote MS Access database.  Using our Wireless Database Server you can add, update, or create a blank record with one hand.   Simply scan the bar code with your Pocket PC and data is updated in real-time.

  • Scan bar code data directly into your remote MS Access databases
  • Scan data into a new record or the current record
  • Remove any unwanted leading or trailing character’s
  • Find data by simply scanning any bar code
  • Sort fields ascending or descending
  • TCP/IP transfer of data
  • Edit, Add, Delete, or Find records in table or stored queries
  • Connect with a network card or through a USB cradle
  • Supports up to 100 simultaneous client connections

KelBran RasMan Version 1.0


RasMan now lets you easily dial your RAS connections without having to go through Connection Manager.  Manager all your RAS connections with one simple tool.  Runs in your system tray for easy access.

  • Simply choose which folder you would like to sync, press Save and reset you Pocket PC
  • Change your User Name or Domain name on the fly.
  • Keep your passwords stored or enter them as you connect.
  • Manages all your preset RAS connections.
  • Enter the Phone number all as one number, including prefixes and area codes.
  • Watch as RasMan opens your ports and completes your call.

Icon will be placed on your Pocket PC in \Start Menu\Programs


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